Ness Cough Syrup

Thyme Extract : Increases the ciliary movements of the upper respiratory ways and facilitates the expectoration and has calming effect on the throat area. It is used for upper respiratory air way infections and supporting treatment of whooping cough.

Primula root extract : Used as a secretomotoric and secretolytic expectorant in bronchitis, catarrh of the respiratory tract, coughs, colds and phlegm in the
broncho–pulmonary system.

Ness Cough® Herbal Syrup is presented in glass bottles of 100 ml.


Indications :
NessCough® syrup is a dietary supplement and it is intended for expectoration. It
alleviates spasms of smooth muscles in the airways and facilitates expectoration of
bronchial secretions.
NessCough® syrup is recommended to help with cough
accompanied by abundant secretion.
It is intended for productive cough, catarrh of the respiratory tract and cronic

NessCough® syrup increases the secretion of bronchial mucus. This way, thick and
sticky mucus that irritate mucous membranes and cause cough, breaks down and
becomes more fluid which cause easier expectoration.