Cysticlear Sachet

Powder in sachet for the Treatment and Prevention of  Urinary Tract Infections

Cysticlear® is designed to support treatment and prevent recurrence of urinary tract infection. It supports the general health and wellbeing of the urinary tract system. It can be used as adjunct therapy for the prevention and symptomatic treatment of urinary tract infections.

Symptoms relieved the next day.
Safe for children and elderly.
Preventative tool during prone times to UTI such as prior to intercourse or during prolonged antibiotic treatment.

Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Extract: Cranberry is most commonly used for
prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections (UTI). Cranberry extract has
chemicals called proanthocyanidins (PACs), these have some antibacterial activities. New
research shows the PACs, makes it harder for the bacteria to stick to the urinary tract
walls either by changing the bacterias attaching mechanism or by creating a slippery
coating on the urinary tract walls, that makes it harder for the infection causing bacteria
to attach to the walls.
D-mannose : D-mannose is a form of sugar that attaches to E.coli bacteria (main culprit
in 90% cases of UTI). Causing them to stick to each other and preventing them from
sticking to the walls of urinary tract. The bacteria can then easily be eliminated from
the body during urination.
Potassium citrate : Is a urinary alkalinizer, hence neutralize the acidity of urin associated
with UTI. This will help relieve the burning , stinging sensation when passing Urine.
Potassium citrate also helps the Kidneys to get rid of uric acid and calcium
oxalate, thereby helping to prevent some forms of Kidney Stones Formation.