Bio / Life D-Mannose  


D-Mannose is a natural isomeric sugar molecule. Mannose in our body not metabolized. Some preliminary studies have shown that 90% of Mannoz taken orally,
Within 30-60 minutes, he showed that he was thrown out without change.
Bacteria that cause urinary tract infections are very common in the Mannose molecule
they are interested. Bacteria causing mannose urinary tract infections lectins (fimbriae) to connect them to the bladder wall and the membrane of the urinary tract it prevents sticking. On this count, the micros that have been coated with Mannose are urinated out. D-mannose does not contain any toxic substances and is a chemical it does not have content.


   v  Optimum effect in short time.

   v  The friend of diabetic patients.

   v  High treatment index.

   v  My doctor's friend.

   v  Your choice in Urinary Tract Infections is D-Mannose.

   v  D-Mannose results in the treatment of natural İYE.